We are looking forward to seeing YOU real soon!

Dar and James  Owners  2007

After James retired from Engineering and Dar from Teaching, we followed our love for Shuffleboard and good people and bought Triple Crown in 2007. 

We strive to provide a clean friendly place for our friends and future friends to stop buy and enjoy a few drinks and join in our activities. 

Don  Manager  Reunited 2013

Our Manager Don used to run Triple Crown back in the day when we were 'his' guests. After a 7 year hiatus he could not wait to get back in the saddle, meet up with old friends, and meet new ones alike. Don has been in the Food & Beverage Management business since 1981, wow, that's allot of food & beverages!

Stop by and say hello, you most likely will find him chatting it up with guests, cooking some great chow, or looking for new and better ways to please all of our guests!


Katy  (Returns for 2018)

Katy is our Bubbly girl.  Never a dull moment when she is behind the bar.

Come see Katy: Monday, Tuesday ,Wednesday, Saturday  all day long!


Terry  Bartender  2009

Our gal Terry has been a welcomed figure here at Triple Crown for many years. She is very cute, funny, and with her caring heart makes folks want to flock to her bar!


Steve  Bartender  2008

Ah Steven, our Friday & Saturday night head bartender! Steve works 9 to 5 out there in the business world and then comes to Triple Crown ready take care of all his fellow work-a-day gang. He understands the stresses of the work week and his classic cocktails will put a smile on your face.

Steve keeps the ladies in the bar stools, so gentleman, there is your wing man!


Diane Bartender  2011

Diane is the sweetest goof ball you will ever meet! This girl has a fantastic sense of humor, but she is also a speedy fast bartender. She will be the one to suggest new and different drinks for you to try, watch out though, some of them are as crazy as her! If  you have a 'special event' coming up, Diane is always ready to help get the party rolling!

Come see Diane: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights!


Cathy  Bartender  2013

It seems like Cathy has been with us forever, and that is a good thing! With her hysterically dry sense of humor and witty repartee, Cathy keeps the party rolling all afternoon! Guys & Gals alike come to spend the day catching up. This 'hottie' is sharp as a whip, and will make you feel at home the second you walk in the door. Try and keep up!

Come see Cathy: Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, all day long!


Rico Bar(back)tender  2006

Rico, or formally 'Ricardo' has been a west side fixture for many years! He was recruited by Don, along with his many guests from an old hang out down the street. Rico is a quick witted guy, who understands American humor, sometimes all to well! We have seen Rico remember a guest he served 1 time, 6 years ago! He knows their names, and what they drink, now that's talent!

Come visit with Rico: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday nights!

Stacy Bartender  2016

Stacy is native Houstonian.  She has been a great addition to our staff.  Stacy works the bar and floor.  What a hustler.  

Come visit with Lisa: Various Evenings


Jorge  Poker Director

Jorge has also been around since back in the day! You can always find Jorge holding court at the front Captain's Table. Beware: Players love him!  Listen for his favorite call out... "Let's go poker players"!

Texas Holdem: Monday, Thursday, & Friday 7&10pm, and check out Saturday Matinee's at 4&7pm!



Could This Be You

We do not always have openings but when we do.......

We are looking for someone that is customer oriented, friendly, hard working, honest, with neat appearance and great attitude Experience and references are preferred but not mandatory.

If you are looking for a great place to work and are ready to connect with some great customers come by and speak to Don, James  Dar or the bartender on shift and fill out an application. Must be 21 and TABC Certified. We do check references and history.